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Day 322 of 365

Unicorns just pop up

I am a unicorn. It's my spirit animal and oddly it is also the national animal of Scotland.


On day 239 I learned that my recent college graduate would be studying for a masters degree in SCOTLAND. I will be going there soon and in honor of this life changing event I decided to step way out of my comfort zone and do a virtual race from one end of Scotland to the other.

On day 322 I joined a Unicorn challenge.

The name makes me happy even if I just committed to walk 121 miles in the middle of a 365 day challenge of which I have 43 days left.

No biggie, I've flown in a hell-icopter, jumped in a freezing lake and floated at an indoor skydiving park. I should be able to do this walk.

If I'm honest, I haven't been physical since mom got sick in December. I spent so many weeks sitting and talking, I feel blessed for every day I spent with her, but now I have to continue living.

My plan is to attack this and average 3 miles per day. With everything I have going aside from the 365 challenge and writing projects this feels realistic and achievable.

Stay tuned.

Day 322

Love & Light

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