Day 319 of 365

August 4, 2018



A few years ago I published my first book. It's a short story but the words are powerful and I wanted to find a way to introduce them to this 365 day experience.


This is my 319th day and I used Dear Kane; what I wish we would have said to leave a message in a bottle.


Let me start out by saying that I love the idea of finding a message in a bottle floating in the ocean. I've read stories about it and even watched a movie and every time it makes my heart sing (even that Kevin Costner film).


I had planned to deliver this idea to the water when I was in Seattle. I couldn't do it. I have watched so many conservation videos on Youtube and Facebook that I couldn't conscience throwing anything in the ocean even for a noble idea. I couldn't add more garbage to an ocean that is already littered with trash.

That's when this idea was born.


I put together a cool, dry land message and rolled it into a bottle. Inside I put a copy of my book, tied with a bracelet from day 283. I took it to a busy park and left it there for someone to find. I have no idea who might pick it up or even if they will follow the instructions inside but I hope that they will.


I hope that just one more person comes to see the way that love can build us up and make us strong. 



Day 319 was my message to a stranger.


Love & Light


I planted my #365rockdays rock




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