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Day 317 of 365

I usually just drive right through.

Leaving Colorado is always hard for me because my heart belongs in that state.

I had intentions for this travel day but they changed when we stumbled upon a beautiful body of water in the middle of Nebraska.

Yep, right smack dab in the kinda sorta middle.

On day 317 I visited the dam at McConaughy Lake. The experience was both educational and beautiful. The tiny museum had engaging displays outlining the quest for water in the middle of farmland USA.

In a million years I would never have stopped to look at this place. Like I said earlier, when we go to Colorado we drive right through, stopping for two things, gas and bathrooms.

Since I'm up for just about any new experience I decided to make an out of the ordinary stop. This is the second museum that I've been to in the last few weeks and I was intrigued to learn about the history of irrigation. I found it fascinating that in the span of 50 years circular irrigation was invented and became GPS controlled.

To complete the experience we drove across the top of the dam. One side was an extraordinary reservoir and the other was an abundant green landscape.

Water is so powerful.

Day 317

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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