Day 307 of 365

July 24, 2018

This is just too easy.


In 2012 Colorado passed amendment 64 regulating Marijuana so sales could be similar to alcohol. 


On day 307 I made my first visit to a Marijuana Dispensary.


It was an adventure just standing in the parking lot the cars were rolling in and out. Emerald Fields came recommended so that's where I went. The store was busy even with a few other shops in view. 


I was honest with the clerk at the door that I'd never been inside of a dispensary so super peppy Allen gave me the grand tour. On the street this shop is known as a "cannaboutique." It's adorable and they sell an unbelievable variety of cannabis products. 


After the response my body had on day 302 I purchased another transdermal patch. The rest of my browsing took place in the rainbow colored edibles isle. I had to pause when I saw that Snoop Dogg has a cannabis product line. I decided to experiment with two treats, cocoa for my coffee and a lolly pop. 


I'll let you know how that goes.


As a side note this is an expensive indulgence if you're using recreationally. I paid 25% sales tax on these items so I guess the state of Colorado is super happy not to have to share that with the Federal government.



Day 307


Love & Light

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