Day 306 of 365

July 23, 2018

What's to see?


Day 306 was my very first concert experience with Third Eye Blind.


I’m not a fan of waiting and my adventure happened at the end of the day. As it goes these are the nail biters. What do I do if it all goes to hell?


True confession... I only listened to Third Eye Blind on YouTube in preparation for this experience. I'm not much of a fan.


The concert is in outside and the lawn seating creates a great stadium view for about an hour, until it starts to rain. 


Set the stage for this adventure, Littleton Colorado, end of July, pouring rain. I've been here for about a week and when I arrived half of the state was under caution for wildfires. It's been dry as a dustbowl. 


And yet as I sat with the sun on my face those tiny drops of rain began to fall. This wasn't a light sprinkle it was a freakfest of water soaking through everything. I was squishing in places

I just never ever want to. 


The rain stopped shortly before the sun set and now it's dark, I'm wet and cold. Sounds like the ideal setting for a concert with a band that I'm not a huge fan of.




The opening act was very entertaining and they finished playing before the storm. If there is a bright side it's that lightning never came so the show went on.


As concerts go this is yet another okay experience. I've been to very few life changing performances and I thought maybe this would be one. 




The company was beyond great and after everything I wouldn't choose this band but I will keep the people.


Day 306 


Love & Light


I planted my #365rockdays rock.



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