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Day 301 of 365

Not what the Jetsons had in mind.

I am staying at a beautiful mountain resort. My room happens to be one of the most recent additions to this property so it has some modern conveniences.

On day 301 I had the first and only EVER experience with the Nespresso coffee machine.

My impression of pod coffee makers; they generate horrible waste. I also think of the machine at my former job and how nasty it got after a few months of indifference in a community kitchen.

The Nespresso machine is compact and for a hotel I wonder, why? This can't be a money saver. Maybe so few people own this machine that it prevents them from shoving the extras in their suitcases.

What makes good coffee? GOOD WATER! The water here is so chlorinated that the brewed pods taste like last weeks dregs.

Let me preface today's experience by saying that I've only used a hotel machine and I don't know if it is different from what you might get at Target.

My pods are color coded: red, green and purple. Let's get the red out of the way because it's decaf and who needs that on vacation. (As a side note green usually represents decaf) If you don't read the instructions and put a 7 ounce pod in but set a 2 ounce cup under it... well use your imagination.

I did learn how to break down the machine to clean up 5 ounces of spilled foamy coffee.

This machine seems silly. The single use idea might make sense in a hotel for cleaning but I like the smell of brewing coffee just as much as I like the flavor.

Hotel room cappuccino from a pod? Nope.

As vacation coffee pots go I'll pass on this experience in the future and bring my own nasty single serve pouches. Still wasteful but the flavor is as reliable as a sunrise.

Day 301

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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