Day 296 of 365

July 12, 2018


Fun and games



Since day one I have had some amazing human beings supporting this journey and coaching me through many adventures. I've had some eyeopening moments.


On day 296 I followed my kid onto a virtual battlefield while playing Shogun II: Total War.


My kid is a gamer and subscribes to conquering innumerable decades and centuries of foes. My adventure played out in 16th century Japan with Samurai swords and archers.


I've never played a game like this and I'm not sure I understand the setup completely. My kid helped me select an army and the game sorts them by group based on their soldiering skills. I have the ability (I use this term loosely) to maneuver these battle ready packs and advance them toward the enemy.


My first attempt was a slaughter but I learned a bit of strategy for my next battle. As games go I might play this for fun but I'm not a strategist. This could be an amazing teaching tool if you are willing to look beyond all the little corpses strewn across the battlefield. 

We bonded over battle tactics. I'm not a quick study but the kid has many years of gaming experience to guide me through my second battle and a victory.


I'm not going to run out and buy every Total War game in the series but I might sit down and watch a real gamer play this through.

Day 296 hit the mark.


Love & Light

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