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Day 295 of 365

It all makes sense, finally.

I’ve used the phrase “par for the course” many times but today it really was and I finally get it.

On my 295th day I had my very first golf course experience, in a cart, off the T and I never hit the sand.

My friend and mentor on the course was an excellent and patient teacher.

We started on the first hole and she went through everything I needed to focus on while playing. I watched and she smashed that first hit beyond the half way marker. We took a spin in the golf cart and finished the hole with a few long putts. I've played mini golf but this isn't a playground and no windmills are spinning my ball out of the hole. I did that all on my own with an overenthusiastic swing of the club.

We drove to the second hole and it was my turn to give that driver a swing.

I'd love to tell you that I had a 100yard drive but it spiraled 15 feet sideways into the brush and trees. Not a wonderful start.

As the afternoon went on I felt like I was improving. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Perhaps it was the my patient teacher. Mercy came in the form of skipping half of the course and we went right to the clubhouse.

As experiences go I would do this again. I enjoyed the long drives over short ones, mostly for the margin for error that landed in my favor.

Day 295 was a home run.

Love & Light

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