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Day 291 of 365

It’s a grand slam

It’s America’s favorite pastime.

No, not social media... baseball.

Today I attended my first Kingfish baseball game.

This isn’t the big league. It’s minor and the scale of the crowd maxes the stadium at 3200. That’s not a typo, just over three thousand two hundred is the max number of spectators at a Kingfish game.

I did have seats that included food and drink which always helps. I’m just not a fan of watching baseball.

I had something they called funnelcake fries. They were fry shaped but also cooked in the same oil as the cheese curds making the flavors combo not quite delicious.

The Kingfish won tonights game which also adds to the excitement. They also set off a great fireworks display. Don't tell my husband but I'd sit in those seats again.

Day 291 was a solid hit.

Love & Light

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