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Day 274 of 365

My face

Remember when I was talking about the hoards of mosquitoes breeding on my property? They are here and along with them comes the necessary slathering of bug spray.

I use deet-free repellant made from sweet almond oil, lemongrass, tea tree and eucalyptus.

It smells wonderful but I have to go out of my way to keep it from getting in my eyes. The problem with all of this oil and sweating in the heat is that my skin isn’t happy.

I tried the tomato facial on day 140, but I really wanted to use more of that 12 ounce bag of activated charcoal that I bought for day 121.

On day 274 I made a super sticky facial mask using activated charcoal and gelatin. I used a tablespoon of each and 2 tablespoons of hot water to dissolve the gelatin.

It stirred into a beautiful dark slurry. I spread it on my face taking extra time to keep it from my eyebrows.

My mixture was a tiny bit thin and after the first application it began to drip and my facial looked like a melting candle.

I have never put gelatin on my face. This mask took about 30 minutes to “set.” Once it did it felt like rubber andnI was a little frightened to remove it.

To say that I could feel this peel away is the understatement of this 365 day adventure. I don’t think I needed such an aggressive facial mask but after it was cleared away my skin felt amazing.

I loved this experience and I would do it over and over.

Day 274

Love & Light

I left the audio in this clip so you could hear how tight this was on my skin.

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