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Day 273 of 265

One foot in front of the other with some assembly required.

The last few days have been ridiculous with rain. I've been staring out my window watching the height of my grass grow. I can’t wait for the new generation of mosquitoes spawning in all that standing


Can you tell I’m feeling a tiny bit trapped.

On day 273 I took the opportunity to build a foot- pedal only stationary bike. Here's the thing, this sucker is tricked out to sync with the smartphone app and a fitbit.

Don't worry this isn't for me. It's actually a present but because I'm the "some assembly" gal I did take this new device for a virtual spin.

After the technology disaster that was day 272 I felt like I needed to redeem myself, if only for myself.

Mission accomplished.

This sucker weighs a ton and although it didn't have a lot of moving parts it did require a screwdriver. I was not surprised when the screw holes did not line up but I made it all work.

Now for the fun.

I downloaded an app which I wasn't terribly happy about. I hoped it would sync with the Fitbit directly. That would have been perfect. Have you ever ridden a bluetooth stationary bike? Neither have I. This might be a half or quarter bike but why split hairs.

This sucker is designed to fit under the desk of an overworked professional. I think it will and once it synced up, the personal challenges inside the animated app were fun.

Day 273

Love & Light

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