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Day 270 of 365

Sweet and sour

Every day seems to have this strange duality. There are many moments of joy and discovery and then moments that remind me that change can feel like an impossible hurdle.

Today was another roller coaster ride.

I've had 270 new experiences, actually I've had a few more than that because some days were a two for one. Those are accidental because it can be extremely difficult to accomplish just one.

Today I had an unbelievable experience at an annual Chalkfest event. It's one of the coolest experiences and every year I try to attend with one art idea in mind. The street is shut down and all the attendants spend a few hours filling it with creative chalk designs.

This year I came ready to go with my first every spray cans of sidewalk chalk. What I didn't have for the first time ever, was a plan or even an idea of what to create.

The spray can is AMAZING! My first doodle was a flower. I've made them in the past but they usually take about 30 minutes because regular sidewalk chalk isn't very intense in color so I use water and sponges to make a paste. It was so fast with the spray and I was able to layer my colors. I was ready for more. I decided to make a dragon and used the world wide web for inspiration. I started at the curb and the first lines were drawn.

I haven't had this much fun in ages. I would still be there if I had a bigger pallet of colors and more cans. This takes sidewalk chalk to a whole new level.

After hours of fun I made my way to experience number two.

No suspense on this one, I drank a pickle juice slushie from Sonic. I thought this was going to be the highlight but after the chalk it just couldn't compare.

I ordered a small because I was sure this would be a tummy turner. The first sip was amusing and because my mother always scolded me for drinking from the pickle jar I had a moment of sense memory that mad me happy and sad. That happens very often and the inner conflict hurts my heart. Mom really is so attached to the human being I am.

I drank my icy pickle juice slush and it brought the adventures of day 270 to an amazing end.

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdaysrock

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