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Day 269 of 365

Wondering what to make.

I visited a mill shop today with the invitation to build whatever I wanted.

Having no experience with the machinery in the workspace I was at a loss. I walked in with no plan in hopes that the amazing crew would steer me in the right direction.

I have the best friend who knows me well and after a short conversation and a few introductions we were on the way to the design desk. Internet searches are wonderful and the artist behind the autocad setup the perfect project.

The software is so much like adobe photoshop in how ridiculously complicated it is, I would still be there outlining the graphic.

I was content to be the student asking a ridiculous amount of questions. I understood about 25% of what the professionals were talking about. I'm okay with that. I have complete respect for their skills and watched in awe.

What did we make. It'll be no surprise.

On day 269 we cut Wonder Woman to hang over my forge and it was the best shop experience.

Love & Light

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