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Day 267 of 365

The delicious devil

It's been a long few weeks since mom passed away. I feel her presence everywhere. Sometimes it feels wonderful and other moments hit me with such finality it takes my breath away. You can't imagine all of the places that I've shed tears.

Today I made a quick stop at the grocery store to buy some supplies for testing a blacksmith experiment. I stumbled upon a childhood memory that became my 267th experience.

When I was a child I wanted to try this can of horribly processed meat. In my head it was going to look like liverwurst which mom and I I ate all the time. This was so far from smooth spreadable meat that I was ready for a second spam experience. Mom would have laughed at today's experience because she would never let buy this for me. Perhaps she was trying to protect me from myself.

It'a a pull-tab can so it was easy to open. Maybe this is an apocolypse item. I popped a fork into the can and gave it a stir. This is for sure some kind of demonic food spread and I understand why it has a pitchfork wielding demon on the label. It smells like ham and as I take that first bite I am happy and sick at the same time. This is truly a can of evil goodness.

I didn't want to eat the entire container but I did. It is the saltiest "meat" I have ever eaten and I could not stop myself even though I did pucker from the flavoring.

This would be an amazing emergency food item. PACKED so intensly with sodium if you need a boost. If you watch your salt intake this might keep you set for a few days. I tried to cook it because it seemed so much like the meat in canned corn beef hash. It wasn't. It just turned in to bubbling greasy slaty goop that never got crunchy. It was hot deviled ham and I ate all of that too.

Like I said, this is demon food and I don't think I should buy this again.

Day 267 was devilishly delicious.

Love & Light

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