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Day 265 of 365

I am 100 days away from meeting my goal. I'm excited and also a little hesitant for this to become a

part of my past.

On day 99 I learned how to juggle. What I accomplished was a rotation of three balls and nothing more. I haven't tried it since and to be honest it reminds me of the hospital room mom was in as she was 7 days out from a craniotomy. I've decided to let my juggling drop for a while.

On day 265 I focused on building a pair of Poi spinners. When I started planning this I felt like I could double up and learn to use them at the same time.

Ha, what a fool!

As I researched today's grand plan I chose a rather complicated braiding pattern for the tether of my poi, that's the cord connecting the handle and the ball.

I'm terrible at doing any kind of braiding and still I chose to do a 4 strand version. Oh, did I mention that I have two cats who never show their faces unless I'm trying to do anything with string or yarn? They turned up to complicate this just a tiny bit more. I begin to make a braid with 4 feet of yarn, 14 strands per color, it's gonna get tangled. Add two cats to this insane mix of adventure and I spent most of the morning combing through an abundance of knots.

What was I thinking?

I could have made the damn braid my experience for today because I'll bet I attempted them two dozen times. After about two hours I made a successful poi spinner. The thing is, I needed two.

Did I mention the cats and knots and tangles?

I made two tethers and they are the same length. I'm giving myself a perseverance award because I could have tossed this aside and chosen a different experience.

The rest of my poi assembly wasn't half the challenge the tethers were. I weighted and wrapped the ball end making it as round as possible. I chose Wonder Woman fabric to finish it. The handle end is a very basic pom pom. I figure I'm probably going to hit myself many times I might as well smack myself with WW.

As experiences go this was only frustrating because of the cat tangles and my inability to do a very basic braid.

Wait for the actual spinning. It's coming soon.

Day 265

Love & Light

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