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Day 262 of 365

Han shot first

Star Wars is the movie series of my generation. I can still remember the line that stretched down the

sidewalk as we waited to purchase tickets for A New Hope. I wanted to be a Jedi even though the back story hadn't been written.

I didn't want to be any single character. I wanted to be part of the Star Wars universe.

On day 262 I dragged my family in to the wild world of Han Solo and the gambling moment that earned him the Millennium Falcon.

The Han Solo card game isn't like anything we've played before. I thought it might be a bit like UNO but it isn't even close.

With two cards in hand I tried to accumulate the lowest number of points. Green cards have a positive value and red are negative. Zero as a card total is the goal. To make this game more of a challenge you roll dice every hand to determine if you get to keep the cards you've collected.

It is unpredictable which kept me engaged and I like that on family game night.

As a footnote I have to question the engineering of the box this came in. Once all of the pieces are punched out of the cardboard frames it doesn't fit in the package. It seems vey odd.

Day 262 was a very good deal.

Love & Light

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