Day 260

June 6, 2018

I put that in my body


It's day 260 and I'm eating things I should say no to.


Item number 1: Chicken chalupa


You've seen this nightmare on TV. I know I have and I've been curious. Purchasing this was an accident and just as my kid was about to take a bite I said, "I've never tried one of those," and day 260 began.


Here's the thing. This is an offense to the body, I know it. Someone took a lovely cut of chicken, beat that sucker flat, breaded it with something unnatural, fried it and transformed it into crunchy deliciousness. This particular variety had a spicy kick. I only ate that first bite and as much as I enjoyed it I didn't want the bomb of calories that it measured out to be.


Next up?


I washed that crunchy feast down with mouth watering SMILE water. I eat a lot of salads and vegetables so I'm pretty good on fiber. Today'


s thirst quenching "naturally flavored" SMILE water is also fortified with 5g of fiber.


As I'm writing this I'm realizing how much I may have just destroyed the next 24 hours of digestion.


Why does my taco need a flattened chicken shell?


Why does my water need fiber?


I wish I had an answer to either, but I feel like consuming these two things just created unanswerable questions.


Day 260


Love & Light



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