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Day 258


Sometimes emotions rule. Not so long ago I let mine go and today's experience was all about repairing physical damage to personal things.


I've got an awful lot of them.

On day 258 I bought into an infomercial product in an attempt to repair a broken wheel barrow.

You thought this was going to be some intense family thing? Today it isn't. Well it is a tiny bit but

mostly it is fixing something that made me so angry that I broke it even more.

The world is flooded with plastic and although it makes things lighter and sometimes less breakable, it was not the case with my very new wheeled transport.

I kicked it and knocked the bottom right out. For about $15 I bought this roll of

Yes, I did and turned it into an adventure for sure.

If I had pulled out my cheater reading glasses I would have read that this roll is only 5 feet long. I should have bought two but the original cost of the wheelbarrow was only about $40 more.

Maybe I should take an anger management class before this 365 day challenge is over.

As per the package instructions I cleaned the surface and fit the broken pieces together. I measured the length of each strip and that's when I realized 5 feet was ridiculously short and I'm not sure what anyone could fix with it. My repair didn't look the way I'd planned.

The instructions recommended dry fitting and I am so glad that I followed them. This shit is sticky as hell and I have an amazing ability to roll tape onto itself and make a wild mess. At $3 a foot I didn't have an inch to spare.

Yay for following directions.

The rest of this repair went well. Once the adhesive started to stick there was no moving it and I used my brayer to roll out as many of the bubbles and creases as possible. The package also suggests weight and time will create a stronger bond so I piled in some forge metal and left it for the next 24 hours. Check back to see how it works.

Day 258 was some sticky business.

Love & Light

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