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Day 257 of 365

Once you go charcoal

With no destination in mind I got in the car with my dear friend and we landed in the perfect place.

On my 257th day I had my first Main Street Coffee adventure.

I say first because this was the most adorable location and they also serve great coffee and I intend to go back many times. If I said that we stumbled upon this business it would be true. From the outside it doesn't seem like much but inside it's spacious and still feels cozy.

Without a real plan I would usually spend about a half hour in any coffee house. At Main Street I was there for four hours. The music is low and the staff moves through the store with attentive purpose. This is a great place to relax and have great conversation.

The menu is diverse and filled with clean real food and the drinks cover a wide variety of flavors. The real treat, the long list of lemonade.

I drank my very first glass of charcoal lemonade. It was black and tasted just like... lemonade.

Is it going to do all of the things that the sign on the wall suggested?

Probably not.

Do I care?

Absolutely not. It's about the new experience. If my colon gets a cleanse, good job! Like I said at the beginning I didn't have a plan for the day and it was the perfect plan.

Day 257 was sweet, tart and a little bit dark.

Love & Light

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