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Day 255 of 365

Rip it up and turn

Today, on my 255th day I got down and dirty on the Skidsteer.

My expectations were mixed. I've always wanted to drive one but to be completely honest these suckers scare the crap out of me.

First step... climb inside this monster. I'm not a big human being. I'm all of 5 foot 3 inches on a good day and this machine was designed for a person with much longer legs. I attempted to adjust the seat so that my feet would actually reach the pedals and I came up short again.

I'm pretty sure this machine should not be driven on tippy toes.

I surrendered to the fact that this was going to require my entire body to maneuver. I'm still scared and I haven't even turned the key.

Starting the engine is a process because this beast is diesel and has glow plugs and once it turns over the sucker rattles like rocks in a glass. Every part of me is vibrating and none of it feels good.

Next step, foot pedals that lift and tilt the bucket which is necessary for me to even move. Remember my feet aren't actually touching the pedals so there may have been some clinking and banging during this learning process.

Bucket up and now because I'm betond scared out of my mind I have to learn to drive this in REVERSE!

I'm so glad that I waited 255 days to experience the skidsteer. I'm not sure I would have had the courage a few months ago. Also, SNOW.

When all is said and done I actually drove this sucker, scooped some dirt and scraped the potholes in my driveway. I was pretty happy when I was done and even happier to park this beast and finish my experience.

Day 255

Love & Light

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