Day 254 of 365

May 31, 2018

If the shoe fits


Today I had an adventure at one of my favorite shoe stores.


I was on a mission that had absolutely nothing to do with shoes and there it was...




I flashed back to my childhood, to the plastic and cardboard that kept me entertained for hours. As I did a google search for this post I couldn't believe there were so many different styles and I screen grabbed the Donnie & Marie slate because I wished I had one. If I remember correctly mine was very generic. 


Why am I having magic slate flashbacks?


On the 254th day of adventurous experiences I magic slated my feet!


I was actually on a quest for empty cardboard boxes and stopped at my favorite shoe store to pick up a few. As I was waiting for help one of the amazing salespeople had this new but old device on the floor.


It stopped me in my tracks because all I could see was the magic slate from my childhood. 


Ahh... the universe works in great ways. I needed a bit of joy and it landed right in my lap. For the next few minutes I had the most fun measuring my feet. I had sandals on so I put on a pair of nylon socks and the peel-apart film base took a pressure image from heel to toe. It was amazing. Perhaps it was the return to childhood that made it so wonderful. I really didn't care. 


The device actually has a purpose, aside from entertaining me it also measures how wide your foot is, shoe size and your arch height. Who knew? 



Day 254 measured out to be fun.


Love & Light




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