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Day 253 of 365

Raindrops on skin

It’s been an interesting day. So often I make plans and something seems to get in the way. Today I got in my own way and it felt pretty wonderful.

On day 253 I stripped away everything and had my very first naked rain dance.

This wasn’t a whimsical decision. It has been on my list from the very beginning. I didn’t know when it would happen but for some reason today felt exactly right.

It was a moment of real freedom. I wouldn’t say that I have body issues but I tend to be modest so this is a definite out of my box experience.

The storm today was pretty beautiful and after running my errands the clothes came off just as the rain came down. It was the most luscious warm rain and as my toes curled around the fresh cut grass I felt wholly connected to the earth.

If you’ve never done this you should.

Make note that I live on 18 acres and am surrounded by trees. You might want to be somewhere secluded... or not.

FYI mosquitoes really like naked rain dancers.

Day 253 was a soul cleansing experience.

Love & Light

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