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Day 245 of 365

It's a go!

I have exactly 120 days left of this 365 day personal challenge. It hasn't gone exactly as I thought it would and I'm admitting right now that I wanted more action in my 49th year.

Today I made a commitment to take a few more risks and use the healthy body that I have. I'm not going to jump out of anything moving or off of anything stable. I do plan to try that hot air balloon ride that I said I never would and maybe run a zip line or take that Royal Gorge helicopter ride.

In order to give you my best "new" perspective, on the 245th day I am learning how to use a GOPRO.

I haven't played with one of these aside from watching someone else use it. I invested in the model that gives me a few more features and will shoot in high resolution. That's the extent of my knowledge. I am a serious NO pro at the Go Pro.

I brought my purchase home and had a giggle of a time just opening the package. Don't laugh, there is a tiny blue line on the bottom of the box that doubles as a clever pull tab. I can think of a few people who would get a great laugh out of my inability to open this freakin' box.

Once I cracked the package seal I discovered that it took a half dozen engineers to build the packaging for a camera that is 2" x 3." Like many new electronics the instructions have no words, just little pictures. No judgement but I like a good user's guide.

Google it is!

This camera comes with absolutely no accessories. For the price it should have an SD card and maybe something to mount this camera to. It did come with a USB cord but no adapter to plug it in to the wall. I guess the company assumes I already have something that adapts a usb cable for charging. The camera is packaged with one mount and two sticky mount bases. That's it kids. You can search this camera on the net and see what I paid. It should have a few accessories and a user's guide.

Moving on! Out of the box the camera needs charging so I stop everything and wait for that. As a side note I packed my charging block so I used a battery backup to charge the camera and it was at 85% in about 30 minutes.

While all the charging was taking place I could pair the camera with my phone and setup remote sharing between the two. That should be great for editing and uploading to the net.

As I was fiddling around with all of the settings and buttons I accidentally shot my first video. This was not my plan. My first go-pro movie was going to be something cool, instead it is a video of my head. I have never felt so out of touch with technology.

That's as much time as I have to play right now. As the afternoon wears on I will read, watch and play some more. This adorable little camera is tucked in my suitcase ready for some action. Guess you'll have to stay tuned for tomorrow's adventure.

Love & Light

My first ACTION video. I made it into a GIF so I didn't have the embarrassment of uploading this to Youtube.

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