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Day 242 of 365

Built and eaten

Day 242 was quite the adventure. I attended a K.L.U.G. event and had my first dining experience at a local tourist stop.

I really thought that attending an area LEGO event would be an adventure. It turned out to be less than exciting. The displays were amazing if you're a brick fanatic like I am. Most of the building was focused around trains and as much as Lego is wonderful, trains don't really excite me.

The highlight of the morning was the medieval village built using close to a half million bricks. The architect was enthusiastic and the display was impressive.

This could have been my thing for the day but I wasn't satisfied. It fell a little flat.

To round off the afternoon we made our way to a place called Apple Holler. I have driven by this place thousands of times but I've never eaten there.


Because of the thousands of cars parked along the highway. It is definitely a tourist trap come mid June. Since it's mid-May, and there was parking available in the actual lot, avoiding this adorable food barn ended today.

I had a wonderful sandwich and although I wanted to eat some apple pie I was too full to give it a go.

Day 242 was a double dip.

Love & Light

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