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Day 235 of 365

It’s academic

I’ve raised two amazing human beings. They have dreams and are fearless about chasing them. No apologies and minimal regrets have led each of them to finish college.

On day 235 I watched my first born child graduate Magna Cum Laude with three Bachelor of Arts degrees, one in philosophy, one in history, one in anthropology and a certificate in ethics.

This kid weighted 6 pounds at birth, a little scrawny and jaundiced but once the learning began there was no running away from the quest for knowledge.

I’m certain I stopped comprehending this kid’s thought processes just after 7th grade. We fed that mind just like Johnny number 5 from the Short Circuit movies, "Need Input!".

I sat in the auditorium today and reminded myself to be in this moment, so present to how my life changed because of this human being.

It is possible to be overflowing with pride. I experienced it on the 235th day.

Love & Light

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