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Day 231 of 365

Thy will be done

It's been 17 days since my mother passed. I've sorted through thousands of pages of paper loaded with 10 times as many ideas to fill the days of her life. From the piles on the table, my mom thought she had 50 more years to live.

In all of the leaning towers of paperwork we unearthed mom's plan to create a will.

Do you have a will?

Have you determined who gets to sort through all of your shit when you die?

Have you written that lucky sucker's name down so that the surviving relatives don't start world war II over a whicker basket and a pair of gloves?

On my 231st day of this personal growth endeavor I helped my father establish a plan by writing a will. The workbook we used was written in 1993. My parents had this as a "to-do" item for 25 years.

In my head this will is written. The court system prefers the will in writing. We're about to remedy the situation.

My thought on today's experience is this, death is inevitable. Make it easier on all of the people who you'll leave behind and tell them what you want... in writing.

Day 231

Love & Light

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