Day 230 of 365

May 8, 2018

Hammer time


Oh I had the best time. 


Day 230 I let my hammer smash an old tube TV. I have always wanted to hit one of these suckers and after the week I've been having this was almost therapy.


I dragged the television out in the yard and removed the plastic housing. This particular unit had a VCR built in so I ripped that sucker out too. Once the glass tube was removed I laid down a tarp and placed the glass on top of it. I didn't want to make a huge mess and risk driving over the shards while mowing.


I chose a lovely 4 pound hammer and with my best ax pitch I launched it right at the bubble of glass.


I missed.


Just as I was about to launch the hammer for a second time my cell phone rang. Good thing I wasn't mid-throw because the call turned the video camera off. 


Call answered.


I set myself up for a second throw and that TV tube popped and it was AWESOME!


The video is so great.


Day 230 was wicked.


Love & Light




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