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Day 229 of 365

Drinking an angel

For most of my life my father has had stories to tell. He’s been on this planet for 80 years and has a thousand times as many tales to share.

He’s had many careers and experienced some things that seem impossible but he was a photographer and he took pictures.

In his lifetime dad tended bar and in that environment he learned a thing or two about mixing a drink.

On day 229 dad made me a cocktail. This might sound unbelievable but I’ve never had a mixed drink with my dad. We’ve had our share of beer and that’s something I enjoy, but I’m not a huge consumer of liquor.

What did he make for me?

The drink is called an Angel’s tip. It has 3 ingredients: creme de cocoa, whipping cream and a maraschino cherry. I’m not going to go in to a lot of detail but this drink has a few names. You can google it if you have questions.

The theme of this house has been angels long before my mother’s passing. She wouldn’t have cheered for my alcohol consumption but she would have giggled about the drink. She was adorable that way.

My Pop made the drink. I think he wanted me to experience how he floated the cream on the top of the Creme de Cocoa. It’s a simple drink because once the pour is complete you top it with a maraschino cherry and drink it.

It’s pretty to look at and warmed my belly as I drank in one long sip.

My father is amazing. I could listen to his stories every day and the sound of his laugh is pure joy.

Day 229

Love & Light

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