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Day 228 of 365

Moment seized

I have a variety of tea bags in a kitchen cabinet. I don't have them because I have a tea problem. I have them because my mother did. It wasn't a problem so much as it was a dislike for many of the herbal blends that I would buy.

We drank a lot of tea. She LOVED drinking tea, growing herbs to make tea but most of all she found great pleasure in sharing tea with others.

On day 228 I made my very first pot of Numi blooming tea.

This was beautiful and I can't believe that my mother and I never shared them. What a missed opportunity and if I didn't have so many other tea times with her it might make me sad. I'm disappointed that this first happened without her but I also believe she would have loved all of the women in the room who drank this delicious drink.

If you haven't had this tea experience you should treat yourself to one.

Seize the opportunity. Make time for yourself.

Day 228 steeped to contentment

Love & Light

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