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Day 227 of 365


It's the 227th day of personal challenges and I had my very first metal detecting adventure.


I was looking for a lost memory and I didn't find it. I'm not sure it will ever be found because the person who lost this item is suddenly lost to us.

The treasure happens to be white gold and the only way to find it is to make it ding.

I've never operated a metal detector and as this piece of equipment didn't come with instructions I had to feel my way around the How-to part of it.

I put on my gloves, dialed in the sensitivity on high and floated that little sucker over a box of rotten food. Yep, that's where we think the lost item ended up, in a compost bin.

I found a lot of junk in that pile but the only thing that went ding was a rusty nail. I spent another 30 minutes searching the garden boxes around the yard. I found a few rusty screws, probably from the construction of the boxes, and a broken plant hanger.


I think it might be helpful if I had a better device. I don't know if I will ever be able to recover what's lost.

Day 227 was a fruitless adventure.

Love & Light

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