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Day 226 of 365

Why did I do that?

It's day 226 and I tried, I really tried.

I had a delightful evening with three beautiful people. This isn't new but the conversation was. I've discovered a few things about myself in the last 135 days and the most important is to be an authentic human being.

Have you ever tried to explain who you are and actually felt heard?

That happened tonight and it felt amazing. While this conversation was happening I also had to reach over and sample two very new Italian dishes.

Chicken Cacciatore and Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

Here's the deal. . .

Chicken is really chicken. When it comes to smothering it in (sugary) sauce the only thing that can really ruin it is too much salt and too much sugar. This dish was balanced and the flavor was wonderful.

The spaghetti Alla Carbonara was a different story. There was so much salted meat in this dish that you could call the deer home to feast. I'd never order this again.

My food experiences have been hit or miss in the last 226 days. I have discovered that I can do a lot of different flavors and textures but I can't do aggressive salt.

Why have I never tried either of these firsts? I'm a simple person with simple needs and both of these meals were a little busy for my taste buds.

Day 226 was sweet and salty.

Love & Light

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