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Day 225 of 365

It's a little bit funny

For the last few days we have been sorting through all of the things that my mother used in the pursuit of a happy life. In all of her little bits and goodies I found a mini edition of "50 ways to a Better you, for dummies."

I've never needed a "dummies" book until I became my mother's "techie." She struggled with anything electronic even though she managed to use a computer at work for 20 years. She called me on the phone when I was living in Colorado to help her get rid of the blinking light on her VCR. My mother was so amazing and brilliant but she bought a lot of "dummies" books.

As firsts go, finding this book was a surprise and it wasn't.

My mother may or may not have read this book. If she did, she took it to heart. If she didn't read it, somehow she was already living all of these things.

This is the list from the book:

1. Talk to someone

2. Broaden your focus and expand your thinking

3. Linger in the moment

4. Remember that timing is everything

5. Gather four basic ingredients

6. Don't overlook pleasure in your life

7. Be grateful

8. Strive for serenity

9. Be well by looking after your well-being

10. Don't expect money to buy happiness

11. Don't look for transforming experiences

12. Don't be afraid

13. Be in sync with your surroundings

14. Stick with the right people

15. Do the right things

16. Never pass up an opportunity

17. Embrace optimism

18. Fight negative expectations

19. Move beyond pessimism

20. Become a hardy person

21. Live an honest life

22. Be ethical

23. Pursue what you want, not what you have

24. Get into flow

25. When trouble strikes, ask yourself whether the sky really is falling

26. Redirect your energies

27. Forge closer ties to those around you

28. In the face of challenges, revise your life plan

29. Have a heart-to-heart with a higher power

30. Know how to begin each day

31. Count your opportunities and blessings

32. Find meaning

33. Think positive thoughts

34. Feel positive feelings

35. Take positive actions

36. Keep a journal

37. Engage in group confessions

38. Identify who or what makes you smile

39. Start with a smile and go from there

40. Be generous, but give the right way

41. Increase your uplifts

42. Recognize the importance of rituals

43. Spend more time doing absolutely nothing

44. Set priorities

45. Indulge your alternative self

46. Be more balanced

47. Develop meaningful social ties

48. Get enough support

49. Take solitude seriously

50. Love what you do

On the first page two ideas are listed:

You need to work toward finding happiness in your life and discover common elements in happy people.

It seems pretty simple. My mom seemed to do it without effort but she never did learn how to program her VCR.

My 225th day was my first solitary "dummy" experience and I feel like it might be the best experience I've never had with my mom. I feel like she led me to it today. If you believe in the possibility of guidance from the afterlife, I know this book is in my hand today for a purpose.

Love & Light

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