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Day 221 of 365

One last time

Day 221 was my chance to visit the places I remember as a child. That's not a first. Today was about the one time I would take my mother on her last tour of the country life she lived.

The women in this family are extraordinary. I give my mother credit for that. We picked mom up this morning from the funeral home. She was cremated and we walked out with her in a beautiful red rose decorated vessel. The four of us took our positions in the vehicle and as my sister carried my mom to the back seat I pointed out that mom never rode in the back because it made her sick. We all got a chuckle and fastened the lap belt in front of the urn.

Theme of the day?

W.W.N.D. What Would Nana Do?

As a child the drive from Antioch had two routes, the quick and the scenic. My mother loved the slow speed winding country roads. Today we DO the scenic route.

It's April 28th, 50 degrees and Garage sale weather. Believe it or not, Nana would DO a garage sale. We stopped, we shopped and Nana had her last hurrah in the rummaging world.

Our next stop was the one restaurant in Camp Lake that everyone knew. If you had a party, wedding, funeral or just needed a six pack you went to Marchuck's. The place was dated, wood paneled and an all around hole in the wall joint. It was where everyone knew you and made you feel like family. It also burned to the ground a few years ago.

Nothing gold can stay.

The view from their hill was beautiful.

Our next stop was my Grandparent's home. It took us a few laps around the neighborhood but we finally found it. Our moment was a bit sketchy. We snapped the picture and got the heck out of there.

Mom's next adventure was a quick drive by one of our family homes. I was a baby when we lived there. We didn't stop. That old sucker needs to be pushed over and made new again. I didn't take pictures because the memory of yesterday is so much better.

Next stop, ice cream! Last year the most adorable ice cream parlor opened in Wilmot. Mom loved the place. Hansen's has a variety of flavors but we all got a scoop of Black Cherry just for mom. She loved Door County cherry but that flavor is seasonal. Last fall mom and I talked about doing the all flavor sample dish as a 365 day experience. I don't think I'll be able to do that one. I'm going to miss my ice creams with mom.

Since we were in the sleepy town of Wilmot we decided to take mom to her Alma mater. I have to imagine that so many things have changed since she attended because I don't recognize the old building from my high school days.

U Rahh Rahh Wilmot High!

We stopped at my parent's current home so mom could be among her flowers. Just before she passed I brought her photographs of everything in bloom. Yellow tulips were her favorite but they haven't blossomed. I'm sure mom has already found a place in her eternal garden.

Mom's next adventure was a walk to my childhood home. I haven't been back there in a dozen years and everything seemed small. As a child, our modest home felt like a mansion. As it stands today, it feels like a doll house. The property is big and the tour was bittersweet. Mom had a secure place in the baby stroller and my heart wanted to keep the real image of that home. We left without taking a picture.

Tonight my mom is with my brother. That was our last stop and I think it's only fitting that they have some time together. He was her only son.

We all say goodbye in different ways and not all who wander are lost. I will miss those winding scenic drives even though most of the time I ended up getting car sick. Life is funny that way.

Day 221

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock.

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