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Day 218 of 365

Fancy Moon Clover

That's my unicorn name. I discovered it today while accomplishing my 218th experience, unicorn cereal.

NO, I've never eaten the delicious unicorn.

My original intention behind the purchase of this treat was to help my mother play some sensory games. I learned them from her speech therapist. We started with bowls of sugar, oatmeal and cheerios. Our goal, stimulate the senses and start a conversation. We did everything but hear my mother speak. She was not talking.

After that morning experience I saw a post online about the Unicorn cereal. My mother played with a unicorn ball popper so that creature became a pafrt of our healing arsenal. Once I saw the cover of the cereal box I knew mom and I were going to have a great time with these.

The problem, I couldn't find them in any store. I had to special order them from Amazon. I didn't know it at the time but these little loops of pink, purple and blue wouldn't arrive until after my mother passed.

As my experience today, I played with mom's food. I poured a big bowl of cereal added some organic almond milk and ate that delicious breakfast.

They're actually pretty delicious and after a conversation about them with my cousin, she bought me 5 more boxes. I think my mother wanted all of us to take a taste. We're going to mix them in melted marshmallows and make Unicorn cereal bars. If you can find a box you also have to check out the side panel to discover your unicorn name.

Fancy Moon Clover. I'll take it.

Day 218 fulfilled a promise made.

Love & Light

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