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Day 216 of 365

Not your cardboard granola bar

For the last month I've been protein obsessed, not for myself but for my mother. We were doing everything possible to control the calories and content of the food she was eating. My uncle found an amazing plant based breakfast bar loaded with 22grams of protein.

On the 216th day of my personal challenge I ate one of them.

Why did I wait so long to try one?

These bars are fresh made without preservatives and ridiculously expensive. I wanted to save every single one for mom. I never wanted to eat one. It took up to 14 days to manufacture them and another 7 to deliver by Fedex. It was a process and to make sure there wasn't a gap we decided to get a good supply. We ordered 6 cases of 12. My mother passed away before the order arrived.

I thought she liked them.

Today I ate the raspberry hazelnut bar and I understand why my mother loved to eat them. They are delicious and as I sat with my sister, drinking a latte I thought about mom. She should have been with us at the table.

Day 216 was a break.

Love & Light

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