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Day 215

How do you summarize a life?

How do you capture extraordinary humanity in a single photograph?

On the 215th day of new experiences I planned a funeral for my mother. She was the planner in the family. She was such an organizer that she had labels on her label case. Her hand written tags are attached to most of the boxes in her office. She wanted to know how and where to find the things that were important.

Our family drafted a short explanation of who mom was in her 79 years. There is so much and she had passions that stretched all over. There is no way for you to understand who she was in 500 words but somehow we managed.

We looked through 1000's of pictures, each sorted by family and event in a quest to find the perfect image of my idol. She was something special and the true Wonder Woman in my life.

By the end of the evening my father, my sisters and I assembled what feels like a snapshot of my mother in word and image. It was a long day.

She was amazing,

This is the hardest experience of my life and I keep waiting for mom to come in and rescue us from our floundering.

Love & Light

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