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Day 210 of 365

Oh vanity.

On day 27 I had single hairs threaded off of my face. It was horrible. What I didn’t realize at the time was that those little deep rooted follicles would grow back in an aggressive bristle brush way.

On day 210 I tried to fix this error in judgment with facial waxing.

I know you’re trying to understand how I could live 49 years without ever trying this.


I own tweasers. I’ve plucked away one or two unattractive lip hairs in my life. I think my face is pissed at me for the threading situation because I’ve got new hair that wasn’t there before.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t manifest a unibrow but I swear I didn’t have hair between my eyes.

I decided to go to an actual spa. I don’t know what the hell that means aside for $$. I’m pretty sure that being thrifty when it comes to cutting hair or other vanity driven experiences could lead to disaster. I shouldn’t care about having a hairy face, but I do.

The actual experience didn’t take very long. Warm wax was spread across my brow in a small tolerable amount. Little strips of cloth were pressed on and seconds later Rip and the hair was gone.

It felt like punishment for giving a shit about how my body is changing. I think I'll try to age with grace and pluck those bristly hairs on my own.

Day 210 was hairy, not scary but a lesson in what's important.

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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