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Day 209 of 365

Roll, roll, roll your bowl.

When I was in high school I took a pottery class. I learned how to place a huge chunk of clay in the center of the wheel and form it in to a pot, or mug or vase. I gave all of my creations to my mother. I was thinking about this when I was playing with my plastic dough today.

After 209 days I am determined to make it to the end and today I had my first baking clay experience.

In my head I was going to create these adorable little dishes that I could use for all of the hobbies that I have. Before starting this experience I had a few but now I have a few hundred. I'm not kidding, I have

learned how to do so many crafty things but I have no free time to explore them further.

When I turn 50 I plan to craft in all of my free time.

This baking clay is as hard as a brick and it took about an hour to soften it enough to roll it out. The colors I bought were boring so I tried to use them to mix my own. They came out a little muddy so next time I'll spring for the premixed ones.

I curled the snakes of clay in a ball and used a rolling pin to make a colorful patty of dough. Shaping the actual bowl was not my strongest moment. I made three attempts and I'm sure this blog is the only time you'll get to look at them. After the bowls baked for 15 minutes and hardened up they still looked

horrible. I think they are something only a mother would love.

I'll ask her tomorrow. You'll get an update.

Day 209 was proof that I am not a bowl maker.

Love & Light

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