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Day 208 of 365

Sex, drugs and . . .

Day 208 was a definite leap into new territory.

On my Hog excursion yesterday I drove by an adult's only video, sex toy and smoke shop. Have you ever been? I definitely have not which made it a perfect "out of my comfort zone" experience.

Without oversharing, I don't need most of the toys hanging on the walls inside. There was a huge section that some might find entertaining for a bachelorette party. Interesting enough I have way more questions after being inside this store than I did before it.

I enjoyed walking through the smoke shop. They sell a huge selection of pipes for "tobacco" smoking. If you need water pipes they have them. So many are made of blown glass, and they are beautiful. Setting up for a hookah party? You should visit this store.

I was schooled in so much. I had no idea.

I tried to take a few pictures but everything inside is TOP SECRET. I was scolded like a naughty kid. It just added to the awkwardness of the experience.

Day 208 was a bounce around my comfort zone..

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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