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Day 207 of 365

Hog day should always follow spam day.

It’s day 207 and I went to my very first Harley Davidson event.

It’s raining. This should be an indicator of how the experience played out.

When I was in grade school my brother rode motocross and raced. I wanted to do the same thing. I have a picture somewhere of me on that bike, dreaming of riding like him, but I never did.

I rode the little RM-80. I have to admit I didn't enjoy the speed so I gave up that fantasy/ dream.

Why Harley Davidson in the rain?

Why not.

The event wasn't very exciting. They had a table set up with a raffle, a "parts is parts" sausage sale and discounts of Harley gear. I did get to look at the beautiful bikes and the salesman was nice. As events go this was an opportunity to buy a bike and I wasn't really shopping for one.

Day 207 was all bikes and no dirt.

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock a few days after the rain.

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