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Day 206 of 365

It’s not junk email but oh did it taste like junk.


I’m not sure how Friday the 13th, my 206th day, became salty chopped up meat day but here’s my first experience with it.

I'm not going to tell you what the ingredients are in this "meat" but they are, as a general rule, shit I just don't eat. I will always say no to hot dogs, sausage or "parts is parts" chopped up bits of animal stuffed in a casing.

Why SPAM? Yum?

Under any other circumstances I would not surrender to my fear of this canned nasty, but this is an adventure and I've got 159 left.

My first dilemma, how to cook it. It's got a slimy snot consistency in the can so I prepared it in a frying pan. It smelled a bit like ham and I'm guessing it's the ridiculous amount of salt in it. The longer it fried the more it smelled like ham. I thought it might be good.


This is the saltiest meat substance I have ever eaten and the experience confirms that SPAM is not for me.

If you've ever eaten this and loved it. I'm glad you survived. I can actually purchase some unprocessed meat for the same price as this small can so I'm not really sure why anyone would eat this.

Day 206 was like licking a salt lamp. Yum!

Love & salty light

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