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Day 196 of 365

Games people play

Todays adventure was an card trip across the dining room table.

On the 196th day I learned how to play the most entertaining and challenging card game, Bandido.

Here's how it plays. In the box of cards you have a double sided bandit in a cage. Each side has tunnel openings. What's the point?

The point is to close off every tunnel opening using the stack of tunnel cards. It seems like an easy game to play but we lost both times. It's a cooperative game but the challenge is that you don't know what the other players have in their hands. One minute you've got it down to a single tunnel and then you're trying to close off six.

This game is super compact for travel but requires a full size table or floor to play on. I recommend it for any family game night.

Day 196 wasn't stacked in my favor, but I'd play it again.

Love & Light

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