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Day 193 of 365

A festival of vegetables

Since last September I've had the most interesting days and experiences. Some have been planned and some I have just stumbled upon.

On day 193 I intentionally stumbled upon Indiana's Vegfest.

First let me say that I followed the facebook post which originally had about 450 interested likes. In my head I thought this was going to be a grassroots experience with a couple of hundred people and a few tables with food samples.

I was so wrong.

When we arrived the parking attendant sent us down the road to a secondary lot. There were cars everywhere and it became very clear that this wasn't going to be a small affair. Once we actually made it inside it was impossible to navigate the tightly packed crowd.

I've attended quite a few fests and events in the last couple hundred days but this one was by far the most intense and least enjoyable. Maybe it was all the hungry vegans and the smell of the amazing food but it was nearly impossible to enjoy this event at all.

I was able to sample a small sip of coconut tea and the tiniest bite of vegan espresso chocolate. These bitty treats were hardly worth the visit. It's not that I was impatient, it was more that the intensity of the crowd made me eager to exit the tight venue.

When I asked the volunteers how long they'd held this event they said this was the second year. I was very surprised and also impressed to see how large the Veg community is in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I left the event with a souvenier T-shirt and an empty stomach.

On the drive home we stopped at a delicious Veg restaurant in Chicago, The Chicago Diner, VEG free since '83. This visit made up for the miserable lack of dining that out festival offered.

I had a vegan chocolate shake that brought a smile to my tummy. The Vegan BLT and Mac & Cheese made me wish I had a second stomach. If you haven't eaten there, you should give it a try.

Day 193 was filled with tasty firsts.

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock at the vegfest easter rock hunt. It was most appropriate.

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