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Day 186 of 365

Gelli paint

About ten days ago I made a fantastic Gelli Plate. I didn't share what the plan was for it but today you get to find out.

My 186th adventure was getting my hands dirty and printing with my Gelli plate.

The process was extremely fun and if you've got a budding artist I suggest you try this on your next day together. I stored my plate in a giant ziplock and since it's gelatin it stuck to that plastic bag. It was a little like having a ball of booger stuck on your finger that you just can't shake off. Once I defeated that container I laid my plate on a hard


Since spring arrived a few days ago I chose some paints to represent this time of year. I spread the colors across the surface of the Gelli plate with a brayer (hard rubber roller). I cut a few cardboard stencils to score the paint.

On day 7 I started making my own paper from shredded recycled junk mail. I have a pretty impressive stack of it and that's what I used to make my prints. They turned out so amazing and I hope you'll give this messy experience a try.

Lesson learned about my Gelli Plate, don't fold it. I cracked it in half. The best part about making it with gelatin is I broke it apart, heated it for a minute in the microwave and poured it back in the pan to harden it again.

Day 186 was all about making the best art fun!!

Love & Light

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