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Day 181 of 365

You are what you see

A few weeks ago I wanted to attend an event that would help me assemble a Vision Board. The idea behind this experience is to create a space to hold images and words to help motivate you to achieve your goals.

Today, on my 181st adventure I gave the vision board a little twist. I helped my mother create a board for her room. I've been talking to her for the last few weeks, collecting her dreams and ideas.

This was no small task and a few of my family members helped. I started with a large dry-erase foam board. The idea is that as mom heals she can change the words on her vision board. Right now she's a fighter and that's what I wrote for her.

My mother is a master gardener so her board's vision is to be back digging in the dirt planting her flowers and growing her herbs.

As experiences go this one was more about loving my mother and wanting more than anything for her to achieve the visions that are hanging on her wall.

Day 181 was a gift.

Love & Light

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