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Day 178 of 365


There’s something delicious about making food from scratch. I’m trying very hard to create passion for the process. Can you learn to be passionate?

On the 178th day I discovered I am too impatient to be passionate about making Gnocchi

This experience was time consuming. I had an amazing cinematographer who took some great shots and it's always fun to have a partner on one of these adventures.

To start these little balls rolling I boiled a few pounds of potatoes and riced them using my grandfather’s ricer. I've had the thing for years and never used it, making this a double dunk of firsts. That ricer was built to last and I made quick work of those golden spuds. It did take a little bit of muscle to squeeze by hand but it was extremely satisfying.

The recipe called for 2 large egg yolks. Mine were small so I used 3 along with some finely sifted flour. With gentle hands I mixed it all together being careful not to overdo and make tough little dough bombs.

Using small globs of my gnocchi dough I rolled it out in a snake, chopped it in half and made small misshapen cuts. I forked the rest. They made darling little potato dumplings.

Here's the disappointing part. I put the first batch in the boiling water and overcooked them. That made potato glop. The second, much smaller batch turned out well and I cooked them with some shrimp and roasted brussel sprouts.

Day 178 was a great exercise in patience.

Love & Light

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