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Day 177 of 365

Another purpose

I've been doing something new every day for 177 days. When I turned 49 a few of my friends, who are wonderful and really get who I am, gave me this beautiful sign that's been propped up on my porch. Every time I go in my front door I feel all those words but I also see it propped on a plastic table waiting to be honored with a proper stand to hold it.

On the 177th day I created my first repurposed pallet project.

I love using power tools and it's been a few months since I've pulled out my construction arsenal. This was soul food and I didn't realize how much I needed it. I will admit that my end result needs tweaking and I'll wait for my blacksmithing partner to help me put on the finishing touches.

The base of the stand is an old 5 gallon plastic bucket. I used grey in hopes that it would blend in with the pallet wood. I made 15" cuts to the slats after ripping them off with a pry bar.

Like I said. . . so satisfying!

I used some old belts from our monster belt sander and stapled them to the backside of every slat. One band across the top and another for the bottom. The rest of the project was balancing the weight of the sign with the narrow bucket base. Eventually I plan to fill the bucket with cement mix about half way, put in some drainage holes and plant some seasonal flowers in it. You'll have to stay tuned for that update in mid May. Until that time I have loaded the bucket with some massive rocks.

I build something purposeful on day 177.

Love & Light

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