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Day 175 of 365

Watch it wiggle

Remember how I was telling you that I'm an artist?

I promise I am even though I haven't created with paint or pastels in ages. I really wanted to do something that would get my quiet room art table messy again. The problem is that most of the day is taken with more significant priorities and sometimes it is a struggle to get this adventure right.

I'm also an author and in the middle of everything I'm working on two new writing projects. I really don't know how any of this is working and why I'm not sleeping right exactly now!

On the 175th day of this challenge I wanted to make a huge mess. So I made a gelli plate.

You might not know what this is but you're about to get a lesson. Today I made jello that I'm never going to eat and that will never get rotten. Why? Because I'm an artist.

The art part of the experience will come on another day since making the plate takes time. The materials are pretty simple: gelatin, glycerine and water. There's a tiny bit of science involved and that's just because you have to combine it all in the right order.

It's like making jello except you replace the flavoring with not edible glycerine. It took FOREVER for the gelatin to dissolve. I mixed in the hot water and poured the cooling liquid in a baking pan. I used the "make it cold" setting on my fridge to chill it fast. It still took about 2 hours to make the plate.

When I turned the pan over it stuck to the sides and tore in pieces. I now have a bowl of gloppy gelli plate material. The nice thing about this experience is that I can nuke the glop in the microwave, choose a different container and try again. Yes, I've already done this and round two is chilling in the fridge.

Cross your fingers, day 175 might not be quite right.

Love & Light

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