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Day 171 of 365

Kiss my Lips

There are places on this planet that will suck all of the life out of you and medical care facilities take the grand prize for suckage!

I've spent almost 80 days in some kind of medical building and it's taking a toll on my flesh. I haven't bent myself in any kind of yoga pose so my muscles are tight. I wash my hands a hundred times a day so my hands are like sandpaper.

Hydrating my body has become this ridiculous seesaw of water, lotion and chapstick.

On the 171st day I decided to give my lips the luxury they deserve. I'm a Bert's Bees babe. I love the stuff especially their peppermint lip balm. That's what I decided to make.

My balm has four ingredients: 2 Tbsp Organic beeswax,

2 Tbsp organic coconut oil,

2 tsp sweet almond oil

12 drops peppermint oil.

That's it. I didn't add anything else. I melted the ingredients in a double boiler using a glass bowl and wooden chopsticks to stir. Once the oils and wax melted into a liquid I dropped the essential oils in. After a quick stir I poured the blend into containers. I also put some of the liquid in a repourposed chapstick tube to see if I could make an actual stick. So far that worked too.

One quick note: this will soften in the heat so keep it out of the sun. It took about 5 minutes for all of the containers to set and I'm very happy with how it clings to my lips. The nice thing is that I can also smooth it on the back of my hands and it's not greasy.

A very satisfying 171st day.

Love & Light

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