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Day 164 of 365


It’s another early morning here in Wisconsin. I did a bit of reading about cancer and ways to fight with food.

On the 164th day I sprouted broccoli to fight cancer.

When I started this personal challenge I never anticipated the family crisis that would come. I never wanted mom's cancer fight to be a part of my reality, but it is.

I can't just sit by and do nothing so my part is to do as much as possible to set her up to fight with all she has.

Are broccoli sprouts THE answer? I don't know. What I do know is that as long as she says fight, we fight.

I purchased some sprouting seeds and a large glass and stainless steel jar. The mesh top is ideal for helping with the growing process. The seeds will soak for 12 hours and then I will drain the water off and store them in a warm dark place. I'm using the kombucha fermenting shelf as the perfect location.

Not the patience thing kicks in. My plan is to keep a continuous grow going for as long as we need them. Mom drinks special cancer fighting drinks that my dad makes and the sprouts will be added.

Day 164 was all about getting strong.

Love & Light

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